Animation, infographics and motion graphics

Animation can connect with people in fun, striking and emotional ways that reality sometimes cannot pull off. The expert insight in knowing when animation is required to tell a story is common place at WLW FUTURE. Engaging with our creative team and close partners from many niches means we will guarantee that you will wow your audiences with an insanely spectacular and memorable animation that will be a long-lasting asset for your business.

Motion graphics is an excellent cost-effective tool for instructional or infographic content. We gave the Green Party as much media oomph as the Conservative party with ten times less budget! We can fly past your brand, products and services, zoom into features or break out a whole coaching program into several short courses. Imagine taking your audience to exactly the place they need to be to make the decision to engage or purchase faster than any other media form?


Video, advertising and filmmaking

Film is the single most powerful way to engage with your audience, sell your products and services and build your brand. We all know, magic happen when characters come alive through storytelling. We can make a creative, funny, informative or engaging film, long or short. Video and film doesn't have to be expensive either. We made a no-budget 35mm feature film for peanuts that got signed to Troma, a global production company that previously hatched mega stars like the creators of South Park and Guardians of the Galaxy.

For decades our team of animators, directors, filmmakers, script writers, sound engineers and graphics experts have been producing memorable campaigns and projects. We can work from a comprehensive brief or just a few words, maybe even some sounds. We love building Worlds scripts, storyboards and film. Give us a shot, we'll help you with your ideas anytime.

Interior photography and video

Professional interior photography: Our photography captures the essence of interior design. Each shot, whether it's a cozy wooden kitchen cabinet or a meticulously crafted corner of a light grey and marble kitchen, tells a story of beauty, functionality and style.

Dynamic video production: Our video expertise extends from crafting quick and engaging reels to orchestrating multi-day, multi-crew shoots that capture the intricacies of real estate and interior design. We specialise in creating immersive video content that guides the viewer through the grandeur and detail of spaces, enhanced by strategic camera movements and a post-production process that polishes each frame into a masterpiece.

Guaranteed delivery: With a team of experienced producers, we ensure your content is delivered on time and within budget. Our united team thrives on the synergy of creative minds working in harmony, driven by a shared passion for visual storytelling and a commitment to elevating every project with their unique skills.

Content that converts: We believe that great content does more than just look good—it opens doors and transforms perceptions. Our focus is on creating content that not only showcases your project in the best light but also attracts more clients and enhances your brand's image. From professional restaurant photography to property showcases, our aim is to create visuals that help you achieve your goals.

Full list of capabilities

2D animation
3D animation
Advertising and TVC
Animated adverts and television commercials
Animated brand films
Animated explainer videos
Animated idents and stings
Animatic production
Animation storyboards
Cartoons & children's television
Character design and animation
Comedy and satire
Concept creation and development
Interactive animation
Motion graphics
Social media content
Sonic branding
Sound design
Scriptwriting services
Training and educational videos
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality animations
Whiteboard animation
YouTube influencer videos