General terms of contract

WLW FUTURE LTD operates under English Law:

These terms and conditions and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

  • WLW FUTURE LTD’s services on this website is only for business to business transactions
  • Entering into this contract is done by payment of an invoice, email acceptance, digital signature or a paper-based declaration
  • What is included in presentations and specification documents is binding and addition or removal of tasks from this document from final agreement will be charged at an agreed rate p/h (min. 1 hour)
  • There is no negotiation of the prices given. The only way to change the prices is to requote using a different specification document
  • Project consultation is via phone or virtual meetings unless specified and agreed


  1. WLW will be generally responsible for proofing, editing, or creating content (including text, photography and imagery) unless otherwise stated in the specification.
  2. Once you submit content to WLW as ‘final’, additional updates to that content will be charged additionally if it has already been uploaded to a website, placed into a design or application. Document scanning, data entry and product input are not included in our proposal.
  3. WLW could be responsible for uploading all finalised content for the launch of your website. After the 1st upload, we’ll give you one final amendment on the text-based content. All other content such as imagery will have already been agreed within the design stage.

Consultancy, media, advertising, press release distribution, SEO and campaigns:

  1. WLW FUTURE does not warrant or guarantee that its services will generate any particular level of campaign response or sales even where the media proposal may refer to the response levels that may be generated.
  2. WLW FUTURE’s consultancy is based on professional experience and should be considered a perspective or opinion.
  3. All attempts will be made to deliver the services in full on or before the completion date agreed by both parties. WLW FUTURE cannot be held accountable for technical difficulties out of its control.
  4. All consultancy outside of the invoiced project will be tracked and recorded, and invoiced separately if WLW FUTURE deem it to be required for the completion of an invoiced service.
  5. WLW FUTURE shall use all reasonable endeavours to meet any performance dates for the Services, but any such dates shall be estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for the performance of the Services.
  6. WLW FUTURE shall have the right to make any changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement, or which do not materially affect the nature or quality of the Services, and WLW FUTURE shall notify the Customer in any such event.
  7. While WLW FUTURE will distribute acceptable Content to various media outlets, WLW FUTURE makes no guarantee that any content, media, advertising, messaging or design will be published or in any other way used by any third parties to whom it is sent, and WLW FUTURE makes no representations or warranties whatsoever in relation to any potential improvement in search engine rankings or similar potential benefits.

Press release distribution policy:

  1. Each individual press release is moderated by our editorial team before inclusion on any platform and distribution via third parties. This helps authenticate and ensure content is newsworthy, acceptable, accurate and correctly formatted.
  2. All press releases must be received by 3pm GMT for same-day distribution (available Mon-Fri).
  3. No press releases are distributed later than 4pm GMT unless specifically requested by the client (available Mon-Fri). This is to give your story maximum visibility to journalists.
  4. All press releases are published or syndicated to our news network, unless client specifically requests the story not to be published or syndicated.
  5. All press releases submitted to WLW FUTURE are considered final and approved for distribution.
  6. Press releases can be embargoed for future distribution upon request.
  7. All press releases must contain valid media contact information.
  8. All press releases must be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Unless requested, it is not the responsibility of the editorial team to proofread and edit your content. There is no refunds given for WLW FUTURE or client errors.

Design, digital, video and development:

  1. Our outcome is always to give you the best design we can muster with the resources at hand.
  2. After discussing various design aspects with you and brainstorming internally, WLW will develop up to 2 ‘screenshots’ of a proposed design, these will be flat images and not a functional website, web application or design.
  3. Animations will be storyboarded and signed off by you. Once the animations have been made, the full 100% of this work will be chargeable, if any deviation arises.
  4. For review of designs, you are usually provided with 3 business days in which to review the site. Once signed off, any major design amends from the agreed concepts will incur costs. We will accept 2 minor amendments session once the final designs have been completed, this may include fonts, colours and positioning of certain content, but not the overall style, theme, function or navigation.
  5. WLW FUTURE website work may or may not have a positive impact on your existing SEO page ranking, and cannot be held liable for any changes in this regard.

Servers and IT:

  1. Setup and all administration on getting the site ‘live’ onto your server.
  2. Verbal instruction on how to work with any operation of the website for a period of 1 hour over 1 month. If you need additional maintenance, updates, upgrades beyond this project, a separate maintenance agreement will be required with WLW.
  3. 100% up-time server space.
  4. cPanel access.
  5. Migration services from an existing server to a WLW server.
  6. Email and SMS support within normal British working hours unless stated in an agreement.
  7. Website issues are not server issues, therefore, this counts as website support.
  8. Details of your server specification will be emailed.
  9. WLW will have administration access to your server.
  10. Our server privacy policy:
  11. Our server terms and conditions:


WLW FUTURE does not warrant or guarantee that the services will generate any particular level of campaign response or sales even where the media proposal may refer to the response levels that may be generated.

The Client warrants to WLW FUTURE that it is entering into the Contract as a business and not as a consumer. If the Client is a consumer, then it should notify WLW FUTURE directly. The Client warrants to WLW FUTURE that:

  1. The Client is authorised to submit the Content to WLW FUTURE and that it is free to use any and all of the Content, and the Client’s name, in the provision of the Services, or otherwise, e.g. acting reasonably, deems appropriate, including for marketing purposes;
  2. The Content is true and accurate in all material respects;
  3. The Client is not impersonating any person or misrepresenting the Customer’s affiliation with any person;
  4. The use of the Content by WLW FUTURE does not constitute a breach of the Intellectual Property of any person;
  5. The Content does not include or contain any information which is, or may be considered to be, illegal, inappropriate or otherwise against the spirit of the provision of the Services, and the Client confirms that WLW FUTURE may remove or refuse to publish or deal with any Content which WLW FUTURE in its sole discretion, considers to be illegal, inappropriate or otherwise against the spirit of the provision of the Services, including, but not limited to, pornographic material, gambling, live video media, live satellite media, phone unlocking or cloning, file sharing or music downloading. Repeated attempts by the Client to provide Content of the type mentioned in this clause may result in the refusal by WLW FUTURE to provide the Services, without refund, and where appropriate, suspension or closure of any corporate account.


All reasonable efforts will be made by WLW FUTURE to fulfil its obligations, but should WLW FUTURE be prevented or delayed in carrying out any of their obligations by reason of an illness of team members, Act of God, war, global pandemic, lock-out, fire, flood, delays in transit, strikes, riots, postal delay or any other unexpected or exceptional causes or circumstances beyond their control the time for delivery shall be extended until a reasonable time after the event preventing or interfering with the due performance of WLW FUTURE’s obligations has ceased, and in no circumstances is WLW FUTURE to be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered by the Client as a result thereof. For clarity, WLW FUTURE will not be liable for any loss occasioned by the failure of an advertisement, media or creative to appear from any cause whatsoever.

Cancellation, refunds and amendments:

Amendments and cancellations must be made in writing. A requested amendment may result in an increase in the cost and time required to complete the project and therefore an increase in price. Any price increases will be notified to you. Cancellations of contracted work may result in a charge to you for costs incurred by WLW FUTURE in the delivery of the services, whether or not those costs have already been paid.

Any cancellation of products and services up to 12 weeks prior to any commencement will be charged at 100% of the price. Cancellation prior to 12 weeks before the commencement date will be refunded in full. If any administration, servicing of the client  or consultancy work has taken place this will be deducted from the refunded amount. Under exceptional circumstances, WLW FUTURE reserves the right to cancel any commitment without any obligation on its part, should:

  • There be any occurrence beyond the reasonable control of WLW FUTURE, which will prevent us from performing our duties
  • If WLW FUTURE reasonably believes there is a prospect of reputational or financial damage to its business and/or that of its associated companies and suppliers
  • If the client or third party has an unsettled account or dispute with WLW FUTURE
  • If WLW FUTURE becomes aware of changes in the client’s financial situation
  • If the client fails to comply with these terms and conditions.
  • Also, there are no refunds of any work that is undertaken

Terms of creation and production of digital products, services, physical consultancy and services under GDPR:

WLW FUTURE LTD provides website design and development services to its clients, and we understand that our clients may collect and process personal data from its website visitors and users. As such, it is important to comply with GDPR regulations that are designed to protect the privacy and personal data of individuals.
However, we cannot guarantee that the campaigns, digital products, products, projects, tasks, hardware, website software, systems, WordPress, and plugins used within the client’s product specification fully comply with GDPR regulations. We also cannot guarantee that all WLW FUTURE LTD’s contractors and suppliers will be 100% GDPR compliant all of the time due to human error and Acts of God. Any compliance issues that may arise with respect to GDPR are solely the responsibility of the client.
Therefore, we hereby disclaim any liability for any GDPR compliance issues that may arise with respect to the website software, systems, WordPress, and plugins recommended, created or supplied by WLW FUTURE LTD. We strongly recommend that our clients take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations themselves before going live with any product WLW FUTURE LTD creates.


We require a 50% up-front payment of invoice to begin work. 50% is due on completion. If the project overruns due to client delays, 25% will be paid on the due date and the final 25% will be paid on the agreed date. The balance, including any known pre-approved additional hours, is due upon completion and must be paid in full BEFORE we will deliver the final product.


Material produced by WLW FUTURE is the result of creative skill and significant labour and the copyright of the work rests with WLW FUTURE in perpetuity. At all times, WLW FUTURE retains the moral rights to be identified as the creator of any promotional content. Permission must be sought before any material can be copied; adapted; issued; distorted; rented; lent; presented to the public or broadcast. Infringement of copyright is a criminal offence. While WLW FUTURE will take reasonable care of any material supplied by the Client whilst in WLW FUTURE’s custody, WLW FUTURE shall not be liable for loss or damage of material in transit or whilst with any third party.

Confidential Information:

At the beginning of any invoiced project the Client and WLW FUTURE agree to a binding non-disclosure agreement regarding the Confidential Information. The Confidential Information disclosed by WLW FUTURE to the Client does not give the Client or any other person or entity any licence or other right in respect of any Confidential Information. The Client acknowledges that any breach of confidentiality set out under this clause has the potential to damage WLW FUTURE yet that damages are not an adequate compensation for any breach. Accordingly, WLW FUTURE shall be entitled to seek the remedies of injunction, specific performance or other equitable relief for any threatened or actual breach of this clause and reserves all rights.


In the event that an exclusive arrangement is agreed between the Client and WLW FUTURE for WLW FUTURE to act as the Client’s sole media buyer across any or all channels as per the terms agreed in an exchange of communication, this will be for a 12-month contractual period. This contract will renew automatically on the anniversary of the commencement of the contract for a further twelve (12) months. The Client may give three months’ notice under the contract at any time, which will commence at the end of the 12-month commitment. All monies owed must be settled on termination.