General terms of contract

WLW FUTURE LTD operates under English Law.

  • Entering into this contract is done by payment of an invoice, email acceptance, digital signature or a paper-based declaration.
  • What is included in presentations and specification documents is binding and addition or removal of tasks from this document from final agreement will be charged at an agreed rate p/h (min. 1 hour).
  • There is no negotiation of the prices given. The only way to change the prices is to requote using a different specification document.
  • Project consultation is via phone or virtual meetings unless specified and agreed.

Content (if agreed):

  1. WLW will be generally responsible for proofing, editing, or creating content (including text, photography and imagery) unless otherwise stated in the specification.
  2. Once you submit content to WLW as ‘final’, additional updates to that content will be charged additionally if it has already been uploaded to a website, placed into a design or application. Document scanning, data entry and product input are not included in our proposal.
  3. WLW could be responsible for uploading all finalised content for the launch of your website. After the 1st upload, we’ll give you one final amendment on the text-based content. All other content such as imagery will have already been agreed within the design stage.

Design (if agreed):

  1. Our outcome is always to give you the best design we can muster with the resources at hand.
  2. After discussing various design aspects with you and brainstorming internally, WLW will develop up to 2 ‘screenshots’ of a proposed design, these will be flat images and not a functional website, web application or design.
  3. Animations will be storyboarded and signed off by you. Once the animations have been made, the full 100% of this work will be chargeable, if any deviation arises.
  4. For review of designs, you are usually provided with 3 business days in which to review the site. Once signed off, any major design amends from the agreed concepts will incur costs. We will accept 2 minor amendments session once the final designs have been completed, this may include fonts, colours and positioning of certain content, but not the overall style, theme, function or navigation.

Servers and IT (if agreed):

    1. Setup and all administration on getting the site ‘live’ onto your server.
    2. Verbal instruction on how to work with any operation of the website for a period of 1 hour over 1 month. If you need additional maintenance, updates, upgrades beyond this project, a separate maintenance agreement will be required with WLW.
    3. 100% up-time server space.
    4. cPanel access.
    5. Migration services from an existing server to a WLW server.
    6. Email and SMS support within normal British working hours unless stated in an agreement.
    7. Website issues are not server issues, therefore, this counts as website support.
    8. Details of your server specification will be emailed.
    9. WLW will have administration access to your server.


    1. We require a 50% up-front payment of invoice to begin work. 50% is due on completion. If the project overruns due to client delays, 25% will be paid on the due date and the final 25% will be paid on the agreed date. The balance, including any known pre-approved additional hours, is due upon completion and must be paid in full BEFORE we will deliver the final product.