See those things (right or below) and this text squeezed into your tiny screen? We choose our interactions with people, brands and services mostly based on this type of communication. Peculiar, if you think about it right?

wlw swiss army knife 2 wlw-swiss-army-knife-2

Now, when it comes to triggering customer action, the above insight serves as a trusty and very human UX, marketing and content tool.

You might say, "marketing hype, I've already seen three messages from people saying something similar today."

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But, what if better results come from the right methods, vibes and people? With 20+ years mastering B2B and B2C strategies, our clients achieve tangible, even award-winning outcomes...

wlw process wlw-process
omda wlw future design web omda-wlw-future-design-web
Proof 01

Seamless UX in complex software tech architecture

B2b digital branding and website development for omda

  • Massive reduction in bounce rate
  • Increase in interactions
  • Company-wide enthusiasm for the website
  • New business enquiries within one day of launch
rapid car check wlw rapid-car-check-wlw
Proof 02

Be perceived as the no.1 car check brand in the uk

B2c rebrand and custom website and wordpress plugin development for rapid car check

  • Achieved a ‘big brand’ look and feel
  • Instantly doubled the Click Through Rate from search results
  • 100% increase in sales for the self-service Wordpress plugin
  • Enabled more time selling than on customer service
vital eu wlw vital-eu-wlw
Proof 03

Give people confidence to fly over to budapest

Digital and advertising strategy, rebrand and design for vital europe dentist

  • By using our own survey tool and brand audit, we found new ways to create value increasing advertising and website responses by 98%
  • Rethinking the old print adverts and reproducing them with targeted content and safety records increased conversions by 300%
happy eco new wlw happy eco new wlw
Proof 04

Make fans feel happy about eco news

B2c rebrand, content strategy and custom website development for happy eco news

  • Our expertise with SEO and content strategy has led to a huge increase in positive KPIs since launch
  • Robust and future-proof branded content platform that can quickly scale to meet all future objectives
  • Audience research was crucial in finding a brand look that appealed to their audiences
wlw qd wlw-qd
Proof 05

Audience profiling and location based advertising will work

Research, surveys, branding, ux, campaign creation and retail advertising for qd

  • Increased footfall in 3 example stores by 95%
  • Survey created a 2x lift in online sales
  • Targeted content for different profiles, which gave more accurate measurement of advertising effectiveness
  • Internal training and coaching improved website content strategy
tmaritime wlw tmaritime-wlw
Proof 06

Be the leading voice in digital maritime

Digital and social advertising strategy and campaign for telenor maritime

  • Successfully launched a new digital maritime product into the Maritime industry
  • Our LinkedIn and contextual advertising campaign brought in over 1000 leads
  • Built up publicity within the maritime industry
renold couplings wlw 3 renold-couplings-wlw-3
Proof 07

Transform internal and external brand perception

Brand refresh brand comms, brand book and operational excellence for renold couplings

  • Improved customer experiences by addressing issues between customer touchpoints and production
  • Experienced a surge in customer appeal with the introduction of the ‘Innovation Everyday’ and ‘Meet the Engineers’ brand communication strategy
  • Achieved £15m in cost savings by restructuring factory processes and enhancing efficiency through training
telenor user testing wlw telenor-user-testing-wlw
Proof 08

Multicultural digital brand to serve 625m daily customers

Award winning digital, e-commerce brand, ux, design and retail for telenor group

  • Led digital brand transformation across 14 global territories
  • Utilised UX and customer research to understand culturally diverse markets and define KPIs
  • Integrated cultural expression, boosting brand perception, footfall, and online revenue in some territories doubled
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