SEO and Optimisation for Apps in Google Play and Apple App Store

Apps are becoming the first and most important brand touchpoints for customers and stakeholders. The best apps are non-intrusive daily or frequent tools; second nature to use; easy to find on your phone; and preferably at the top of each stores’ search results.

How we can get your app to the top of the App Store and Google Play

Generate better app store ratings whilst improving volume
Discover and optimise apps’ features for core performance gains
Customer-focused ways of increasing social invites and sharing
Analyse conversions to maximise revenue potential e.g. micro-payments

App Tool Book: How we can get past the first app install for more frequent usage

We’d advise to fully understand the app’s specific ecosystem from a UX, functional and technical perspective in order to deliver robust market-leading UX-led designs and branded solutions for its audiences. We can deliver a personalised technically-superior and executable App Tool Book that will be a comprehensive diagnostic assessment based on industry best practices and our 14+ years experience. The App Tool Book will cover every factor that affects the quality and effectiveness of the app. Apps that achieve the highest rating in each factor would be considered the best standard for its category. Conducting competitive analysis to identify new market opportunities; benchmarking its value proposition through its perceived and unperceived benefits and sacrifices, a deeper understanding of industry-leading performance can be achieved. Beyond the book being an improvement tool for your existing app, our continued improvement campaign can provide you with a roadmap for planning new apps. Our expert process ensures that the value proposition is integrated into any new app strategy, design and execution.