In the tech world, sometimes a simple change in name and approach can transform a struggling startup into a pioneering force. Such is the case with Loom, a platform that went from obscurity as “Openvids” to becoming synonymous with a revolutionary mode of workplace communication.

Back in 2015, the name “Loom” didn’t even exist; the company operated under the moniker “Openvids.” At the time, Openvids was just another screen recording tool. Users could open the software, hit the record button, and capture their screens. It was functional but far from remarkable.

The early days were anything but smooth sailing for the founders of Openvids. They grappled with financial setbacks, accruing credit card debt, struggling to retain users, and pouring their hard-earned profits into advertising. The fate of Openvids seemed bleak.

However, a mere two weeks before Openvids could join the ranks of countless other tech startups that didn’t make the cut, the founders made three pivotal changes that altered the trajectory of their business forever.

Firstly, Openvids had to undergo a significant transformation, and with that transformation came a new identity – the birth of “Loom.” The new name signified a fresh beginning, casting aside the limitations of its previous incarnation.

The second game-changing shift was the introduction of multi-modal features. Loom now offered not only screen recording but also transcription and video capabilities, all neatly combined into a single platform. This enhancement paved the way for more comprehensive and versatile communication.

However, the most significant shift was yet to come. Loom decided to carve a niche for itself by specializing in workforce communication. Until then, workplace communication mainly revolved around email, phone calls, or in-person meetings. Loom introduced an entirely new category of communication, setting itself apart from traditional screen recorders.

Now when people say, “I sent you a Loom” or “Loom me the details,” they’re expecting something far more than a simple screen recording. Loom has transformed the way we interact in professional settings.

This transformation resulted in Loom having virtually no competition in its niche and establishing a completely new form of work communication. With its innovative approach, Loom has effectively become a verb in workplace jargon.

In a world where startups come and go, Loom’s journey serves as a compelling example of how a change in perspective, a new name, and a well-tailored focus can breathe life into an otherwise unremarkable endeavor. From the ashes of Openvids rose a new form of communication that forever changed the way we work and interact. The name “Loom” is no longer just a company; it’s now a verb for a dynamic shift in the world of workplace communication.