MTV were not interested in this concept in 2007.

Proposition and features overview:

  • We are reaching the first steps of the digital age and this facilitates youth’s need for more accessible and instantaneous stimulus and content. And with trends moving so quickly, MTV can track rich content on the development of trends within this generation’s value system
  • Youth’s opinions, views and comments can be streamed live and recorded for use on an online MTV world map, on all online collateral and to territory-based MTV channels using mobile phones and webcams
  • The main driver will be a ‘question of the day’ advert within the territories of MTV, within one month 28 questions will be answered with rich content and 10,220 will be answered over 1 year
  • MTV will be able to precisely track trends as they happen and see global shifts over long periods of time
  • MTV defined youth TV, we can help MTV define the digital age led by youth today

Youth participants will have their own MTV channel they can programme on for example a 4, 8, 12 or 24 hour loop. This will be able to be viewed on mobiles, on a live online map, on an MTV website, IPTV (in near future) and across the web using a widget. All participants will give a unique URL that will take people directly to their channel.

The participant will be able to produce live and recorded content from their mobiles and webcams and other AV facilities. They will use an upload and drag n drop mechanic, much like Final Cut Pro’s interface using a timeline. MTV content will also be used from a dedicated library using all the content from Viacom’s network, as well as video content from other sources such as YouTube. There will also be the ability for the participants to choose their own advertising and will get a small commission for showing it on their channel.

MTV will be able to use MTVme for research through adding and promoting exclusive content, exclusive advertising and analysing the usage through a sophisticated database. But MTVme will give MTV the opportunity to move with youth into the generation, just as MTV defined youth TV and moved with them through the generations. Youth want to define themselves through media, so give it to them through MTVme.

This will be a service that will enable youth to get as involved as they want, could be a simple case of it just being a place you can upload your videos or broadcast live to or as complicated as fully programmed 24 hours featuring mainly original material. The traffic data from the MTVme channels will be analysed and put into various different charts that will be voted for by other participants and all content can be commented on live. These features will incentive those doing something interesting or new to develop their skills and become strong media nodes for MTV’s front and backend services.

Example scenario:

The community aspect of MTVme will be that a group can live stream an event, which viewers can tap into live from the channel using their mobiles or computers. A skateboard crew attend Playstation skateboard park to hold a live competition for the best skaters. They promote the live broadcast via their social networks, emails, MTVme network, WoM, local media and through MTV as they won MTVme broadcaster of the week. 50k people view the competition live from 10 organisers who are filming different areas of the event and angles of the skaters’ performance. All viewers will switch from view to view, randomise the views or watch the organisers’ live controller feed. 2k the viewers decide to use the search tool and see if any of the audience are broadcasting at the competition. 5 members of the audience are broadcasting a mixture of content and 1000 of the viewers who are searching find 150 separate recorded broadcasts of the audiences’ journeys to the competition, short voxpops of their mates who are with them and a party that’s going on in the corner of the competition. 500 viewers decide to switch the competition to their live feeds on their social network profiles, blogs and websites, and MTV is broadcasting the event on MTVme channel across the world, which has 20k viewers. The seeding of the 500 feeds pulls in an extra 50k more viewers across the web and on mobile. During the competition all viewers on MTVme cable channel, the web, widgets and mobiles (including people at the competition) are able to search each others’ profiles, submit live comments, share live video links of each other and talk about the event within their own chosen peer groups.

Post competition. In total, over 120k people watched the channel, 5 members of the audience co-created complimented the live broadcast, 500 seeded the live channel to their widgets, which brought in extra viewership, over 20k connections were made between the viewers and audience, and over 500k comments were made about the competition.

All 120k people interacted with the MTV brand and 25% of these recommended MTVme to all their friends and networks, equalling 6m email and message notifications across the planet. 20k people interacted with the contextual-based advertising during the competition and advertisers were given access through an MTV-owned analytics package, which showed them a complete overview of interactions with their advertising and how better to target this potential network of 6m people. This is just one channel…

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