Why would any modern girl go all the way into town to buy a simple black dress, mess with public transport or parking when they can pick one up from PrettyLittleThing.com for £9.99 & it arrives tomorrow?

Most retail brands feel like they’re from an ancient past. The #POS is dreadful & there’s little connection with peoples lives today. People are on #social all the time consuming content. The emptiness of this shot & others illustrates the state of the #HighSt in places outside of #tourist zones  – DEAD.

Colossal changes internally & externally need to happen before brands can feel secure. #Staff need #retraining, #managed and #retained differently to 20th Century principles. Company departments are siloed and have warring factions that dominate the #rate of #flow of #output. 

The Burberry #rebrand will do NOTHING for it’s #bottomline. Their major #shareholder has already pulled out. The solution is easy but they didn’t see it as they’re being coerced by people with differing motivations – Very common, just speak to anyone who works for any business with departments.

Brands connected to #culture will clean up because nobody in retail wants to die trying something new. Instead they’re happy to just die. Brands have to start failing faster.

#Telecoms is facing the same existential threat of relevance. The noose is tightening.