What I’m seeing here is a lot of media-sponsored news from big old skool media nodes like NY Times, Wall St, CNN, BBC and others conspiring against Facebook, Google and Independent influencers, bloggers and news publishers. They’re bricking it, as they just cannot compete with the fragmentation of audiences that the Internet has brought. They’re seeing falling profits and cannot seem to get the amount of views, likes and clicks that independent bloggers and influencers achieve. The old skool’s answer is to lobby Google, Twitter, YouTube and FB to try to get their search engines to favour their ‘trusted sources’, censor independent news and to try to gain control through their existing relationships with the US and British governments by way of writing damming articles like this one below.  If you snooze you lose, like Toys R Us and Maplins did, media companies like CNN are following suit. There’s a new media revolution taking place and it’s hitting all industries. Why did Murdoch sell Fox to Disney? We’re witnessing only the beginning of the end of traditional media, as mixed reality, 1ms wireless connections and the digital natives mature, the more hyper-fast change will become.