We will start from the beginning of your story and refine what it stands for. Along the way we’ll discover and validate who your audiences are. We will conduct simple desk research amongst competitors, along with looking at your current straplines, vision, mission and value statements. We’ll also analyse the effectiveness of all historical advertising to gather insight. Then work with you to finalise the new vision, mission and values.

The next part is to tackle the logo refresh taking on board the visual ID expressions used in everyday business, advertising and the web design. We will investigate the simplicity of one or two tones making the logo stand out more with a stronger expression. This process will reveal an elegant way of refreshing the logo through complimenting its original form. Complimentary symmetrical shapes both digital and print may enhance the brand’s visual expression and could be used to brand photography.

Once we’ve established your business’s expression through its brand, we can move onto producing guidelines that will guard your brand integrity throughout its lifecycle, so that 100% consistency is kept through the many hands it may pass through. We’ll include the colours, graphics and typography to be used in both print and online in B+W, RGB, HEX, CMYK and Pantone. We’ll also create guidelines around the usage of the complimentary symmetrical shapes using existing stationary and the website.