Elon Musk said:

“We’re already a Cyborg in the form of social media, mobile phones etc… But we’re output bound, using phones etc is slow. Symbiosis with a digital brain interface, a Neural Lace, an AI layer that is programmed to regulate chemicals released by the brain, artificially enhancing certain human functions.”

Governments are using traditional news corporations to push out stories making Internet giants out to be evil with the aim to fully Legislate the Internet. Why? Because of tech like the Neural Lace. You think the acceleration of information has been on an up since Broadband and 4G on the phone? Imagine 5G WIFI that in a fraction of a second Gigabytes of information can be pushed or pulled from the Neural Lace. Forget VR glasses from the 1980s, we’re talking people connecting with other people in any place with a 5G network sharing their live experience, and by the sounds of it, the ability to trick the brain into delivering chemicals that mimic the live experience, so you both feel the same way. A whole new world for advertising and a whole Brave New World the Government will have to lay out legislation within… I’d trust Apple with my brain more I would the Government.