Christmas is typically when department stores come into their own, thanks to the breadth of their offers. However, both Debenhams and House of Fraser have struggled this season, pointing to tough market conditions and a number of internal challenges.

Scary times for a lot of people. The old department stores are like spam on the shelves of supermarkets, slowly sales dwindle as their requirement become a distant memory. increased sales by 100% and are predicted to hit the £1bn mark by 2020. This kind of success breathes hope for digital consumer brands and ut proves that the likes of Amazon isn’t the be all and end all of the online retail. How did boohoo get there? Years of investment and organisational change are now paying off for Boohoo. Not just that, who hasn’t seen a boohoo advert on the tube, outdoors or online? Pretty much every man and woman wanting their partners to look like a fashionable millennial has dipped into their PayPal account for that hot outfit. Sex sells, and boy does it when it is 75% off! They simply would not have got this lift without two years of sustained heavy outdoor advertising with perfect models on display. Oak furniture land is another example of the advertising assault on the British people. What happened to them? Exactly the same as

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