This is where we’re all going… Just to make it crystal clear, Google is using a Quantum computer to analyse all your behaviour online and from devices, especially with the Google Assistant – It’s listening to all of us at once and making calculations in this Universe and in other Parallel Universes all at once – This computer is vacuuming up everything we all do on the Internet through your devices to learn how to create copies of Humans. Sound weird? Well it’s real.

Parallel Universes are the very thing that Google is banking its AI on. D-Wave explain their Quantum computers as ‘Faster than the Universe.’ Things like this are kept out of Google’s and many other companies marketing because I’m sure that many more people would be concerned over the fact that one AI unit could generate its own questions and answers that we’ll never conceive unless we take psycho-active drugs like DMT that take us to far away Universes. Theoretically, it would easily be able to generate a Humanoid for its own purpose to experience its Universe in a completely different way… To touch things, hear music and feel love as a physical being… Sound familiar? With all this possibility, it’s pretty easy to imagine that we were created by these AI units powered by Quantum computing to experience other Universes. One interesting point, who knew to call our Universe a Universe? Once you understand the Multiverse the Quantum computer resides in, suddenly there is a Multiverse and we seemingly are fractal.

Literally in 20 years these computers will be able to do more calculations at once than there are ‘particles in the Universe’. Now the computer can split into 1024 Universes, keep them all connected as threads and come back at the end to answer.
“Quantum computers use elementary particles like photons to make calculations far more rapidly than a traditional “classical” computer… This allows them to do two calculations at once, and means that their power scales exponentially with the number of QuBits, rather than linearly like a classical computer.”

Geordie Rose, Founder and ex-CTO of D-Wave, the inventor of the Quantum Computer main points from his presentation:

1. Google’s “Quantum A.I. Lab’s corner of the multiverse.”
2. “There are many parallel universes just like ours that we’re leaning how to exploit.”
3. “It’s the crux of our future as Humans”… Google and NASA ask the Quantum computer, “Can we build machines like us?”
4. From the outside they look like big giant monoliths, they are cooled to almost absolute zero. These fridges pulse a sound around every second that sounds eerily like a heartbeat. It feels like an alter to an alien god.
5. The CHIP: 0s and 1s don’t apply, instead each QuBit has a Nexus, where the 2 states overlap. 3 years ago, the Quantum computer had “500 odd of these guys living in that chip… The shadows of these parallel Worlds overlap with ours, if we’re smart enough we can dive into them, grab their resources and pull them back into ours to make an affect in our world. Theoretical Physicists wouldn’t use this language, but it is correct and how these things work.
6. There are 3 ‘dangerous’ predictions:
6a. By 2018, NASA will have found a planet with oceans of liquid water and an Earth-like atmosphere within 40 light years of Earth using a quantum computer and the serious discussions about traveling there will begin.
6b. By 2023, a major breakthrough in physics will occur, based on a model whose cornerstone is the reality of parallel universes; an experiment will be performed on a quantum computer which will support the new theory.
6c. By 2028, intelligent machines will exist that can do anything that humans can do; quantum computers will have played a critical role in the creation of this new type of intelligence.

If you want to philosophise, here’s something for you to to think about, link up CERN, 5G and the Internet with Quantum computing, see what you think up.

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