When I read things like this report on Netflix offending people on social media, I wonder if Netflix social media gofers forget their world is controlled by Trolls trolling Trolls? It’s a place where your career can end with a word out of place.

The Social Technographic ladder illustrates most people consume social media rather than bothering to say anything – think about that for a moment…

Too much emphasis is placed on social opinion. Social media is not great at getting under the skin of understanding customers. Real human contact remains king. 2/3s of teenagers would not mind if the social media had never been invented, a new survey suggests. 46% of UK customers will ditch their favourite brands if they don’t understand them as people. Netflix are a commodity that pushes out mediocre content – everyone knows this – when the next advancement comes out Netflix will look like Angelfire by Lycos πŸ™‚ Consumers are not as loyal as these Netflix social media gofers think they are. I believe the future of brand is harnessing agility in finding purpose and meaning behind its existence in peoples lives. This job never stops for a successful brand like Nike, it’s a continual shift in this hyper-reality of the digital age.

Image credit: South Park – Wow Guy