Author, Chris Ellins, Total Flow

Total Flow is midway through a brand and organisational refresh. We have set our stall out to grow sustainable revenues to £10M a year, we have developed branding that better reflects who we are and have invested 18 months capturing and refining our 10 lever framework of industrialization and sustained high performance.

We have made great strides to establish ourselves as innovators, thought leaders and industrialists within the world of infrastructure and have been lucky enough to attract 4 board level leaders into the organisation.

In the service sector we are soon to start 5 radical pathfinder programmes seeking to establish whether public services can be designed Right to Left from the requirements and ambitions of individual citizens through the apparatus of government and through their enabling supply chains.

In manufacturing our work to codify the behaviors required to reach and sustain high performance are inspiring many to challenge themselves to become the best they can be.

Why then cannot I not find seasoned manufacturing leaders or expert consultants who share our ambition, vision, intellect, integrity or humility? I do not believe for one minute we are unique, just unusual.

Can anyone help me connect with visionary leaders or experienced consultants looking for a community of like minded souls keen to bring their minds, and apply their hands, to the process of transforming operational capability through the process of transforming people?

If, as you read this, you realize that I am talking to you then please drop me a line. Might be the best 2 minutes you have invested for a while.

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