Just this morning I visited an important website for British Veterans that’s down because of server trouble. Looking back over the years, I’ve come across many charity websites that have either not loaded or were incredibly slow mainly due to server issues, and some websites end up down for ages. Almost 100% of people start with Search, so if a charity’s website isn’t working or it’s difficult to access, it poses questions in peoples’ minds whether or not the charity exists. This would lead to a reduction of trust, credibility, donations, volunteers and of course people who need support.

I’ve looked at services that state they web services for charities, all they’re doing is just repackaging their usual deals and giving generic server advice dressing it up as ‘free charity websites’. Not cool.

So I’d like to offer charities that are struggling to financially cope with their websites and server hosting a flexible monthly service that is measured by the level of donations each signed up charity receives – We’ll essentially help you even out the financial fluctuations you will probably face over the years to come. Also, we will offer free no catch consultancy to ensure you’re getting the best deal when making any branding, design or advertising decisions.

Please get in touch using the button below and ask for David, this is genuine, not a sales gimmick.