This is the kind of thing that people say online about last minute media deals…

‘I can think of a lot more strategic ways of spending money on last minute advertising space.’

When you’re a business and you need that extra push for 500 or 1000 enquiries because your digital campaign isn’t working as well as it normally is or; some media was cancelled. You need a solution within a few days. You know what you want and you look for it. It’s no good sitting down with someone to talk strategically, it’s definitely time for doing. My recommendation would be to sit down once the campaign is over and consider how you can produce better and more sustainable campaigns in the future… WHEN YOU HAVE TIME.

Also, ‘Last Minute Advertising’ or ‘Late Space Deals’ do not mean adverts running in obscure niche magazines or free newspapers, we’re talking about all the national and regional dailies for up to 80% off their rate cards. This is unique to our network, you cannot find it elsewhere. We also get loads of deals for the London Underground and outdoor placements.

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