Welcome to the Millennial business community concept. A place where you can find collaborators, media owners, bloggers, YouTubers, social influencers, shoppers, helpful consumers, industry professionals, entrepreneurs and opinion formers to inspire or encourage you to make that bold step of launching your own brand.

Our belief is businesses that are embracing ways to engage with Millennials and Gen X are the ones taking chunks out of household brands. We currently comprise 35% of the UK workforce, and we will represent 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Millennials aren’t lazy. We don’t feel engaged with businesses that are stuck in the Post-Industrial age of exchanging 8 hours for pennies that aren’t going to bring us the things our parents have made us feel accustomed to. Brands that feel flexible working is important; and that cool reputation, vision and values helps give us all a strong sense of purpose.

Millennials haven’t sat there waiting to be fed. We are second the worst-hit financially in the developed world. This huge disadvantage has given rise to new types of entrepreneur and business models that includes micro-brands, pop-up shops, community-focused brands and digital startups that are publicised purely through social media. Some have even made themselves into Internet stars using their expertise in social engagement – This has literally put the billions invested into mainstream brands and personalities to shame.

Let’s assist each other to build a future for Millennials in business, exactly the way we want to work and enjoy life.

Please message us to talk about this potential community and how you can collaborate to get it off the ground.