There is only one thing in common with the hit retro TV show Stranger Things and the John Lewis Christmas adverts is that they both tune into people’s nostalgia.

Den of Geek’s article said:

“People got kind of creeped out and understandably so. Here we had complex algorithms and tech folks analyzing our viewing habits to determine what we want to see and apparently the answer was “everything I saw when I was a kid.”

John Lewis exploits the nostalgic connection between Christmas and childhood. Campaign said during 2015:

“How do the guys at John Lewis do it? The first skill that John Lewis has is an absolute mastery of emotional marketing. While creative appeal can prompt interest from jaded industry commentators, an ad that ignores the centrality of important emotional triggers is never going to take off on the social web… With this in mind, the ads’ evocations of warmth, nostalgia, family and joy are incredibly powerful sharing triggers and help to explain their tremendous viral success.”

As we’ve said in other nuggets the power of nostalgia is unstoppable and parents just cannot help themselves in trying to instil the same vibes into their kids.